Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013 financially supports joint cross border development activities for the improvement of the region’s competitiveness by utilising its potential and beneficial location on the crossroads between the EU and Russian Federation.

Title of the project

Creating access to the art of photography for young people with disabilities

Short title of the project (acronym)

Photo Youth

Priority and measure

Promotion of people to people cooperation

Cooperation in spheres of culture, sport, education, social and health

Total duration of the project:

18 months 16/01/2012 – 15/07/2013

Overall objective:  to make create united society and facilitate cultural exchange in the region.Specific objective:  to help to include in the society and facilitate integration for the youth- people with special needs (PSN). Project helps to obtain new professional skills for the PSN.

Experience exchange with teachers and students. Organisation of joint summer camp for the children working in open air. Create project portal, where people with special needs also the ones who doesn’t participate in the project can exchange experience about taking photos, share photos, network, print a photobook. Project participation in fairs and exhibitions like Open Days in Brussels, etc. Project management.

Start: January 2012. End: July 2013. Duration: 1,8 years.

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